Tickets/Accessible Grandstands

Accessible Grandstands

The track has two available adapted Grandstands.

Located on the north side of the track, with the Montreal skyline on your left, the 41A Grandstand offers you a view of the right-left combination of turns 8 and 9. To the right of 21A Grandstand, the drivers often attempt to pass and turn right before accelerating hard towards turn 11, a gentle left-hander towards the Casino straight. This grandstand is the easiest one to get to from the Metro station, by crossing the Cosmos Bridge.

At all times, a giant screen allows you to follow the on-track action. These grandstands offer unassigned seating and adapted temporary facilities.

To purchase tickets , email or call us at 514-350-4731, between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday.


The two adapted platforms are accessible to wheelchairs. Companions will have a chair to sit.


Every ticket for those platforms comes with a parking pass. Limited passes.