Fanzone F1

  • Located in the center of the island, behind Grandstand 34 in the Park Zone, next to the Monster Energy Compound.
  • F1 showcase multiple activations
  • F1 Simracing
  • F1 Pit Stop Challenge
  • F1 Driver Selfie (virtual)
  • F1 DJ Podium
  • F1 Show Car
  • F1 4D cinematic live experience
  • FIA F1 Championship Trophy
  • Giant Helmet (augmented reality)
  • Blast Lane
  • Virtual Pit Tours (2 units)

Park & Cosmos Zone

  • The Park and Cosmos zones are packed with kiosks and activities for everyone. Official merchandise booths and partners share the centre of the island and the Cosmos alley to offer visitors a selection of items and merchandise.
  • In addition, the Park Zone is also home to the Monster Energy Compound, where you can witness acrobatic motocross exhibitions, fueled with adrenaline.
  • Park Zone is also host of the Fanzone where you can find interactive attractions for all ages!
@jfsavaria - @Michel La Rue Photographe - @Tobrook Photography

Family Zone

  • Located near the Family Grandstand, the Family Zone offers activities that are suitable for families. A good way to occupy time between the on-track activities and enjoy the Grand Prix with your family!

Monster Energy Compound

  • During your visit at circuit Gilles-Villeneuve, make sure you take a break to stop by the Monster Energy Compound.
  • Located in the center of the island, behind Grandstand 34, it is a very very energetic area.
  • Music, skateboarding, and freestyle motocross featured as early as 10 a.m.
    every day and all day long. And its not all.. back in 2024. on location there will be
    live DJ performances, barbershop and racing simulators.
  • Visit the Monster Energy Compound…in the center of the island

Heineken Terrace

  • An oasis of rest and relaxation, the Heineken Terrace is located on the edge of a lagoon and offers its visitors the perfect place to refresh.
  • On Sunday, June 9th, don’t miss the annual 🍻Heineken® Grand Prix Closing Party with 🎧Oliver Heldens! See him lay down the tracks track-side at the Heineken Beer Garden at Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve. Free for Sunday F1 ticket holders. 🏎️🏁

Beach Zone

  • The Beach Zone, located behind the Podium and Senna Suites complex, is accessible to all ticket holders and offers its visitors a unique and festive rest area where sunny skies and golden sand await you.

Support Races Paddocks

  • Accessible to all spectators, the support race paddocks, located behind Grandstand 15, allow visitors to take a closer look at the cars taking part in the support series. The perfect location to enjoy a walk between the on-track sessions and learn more about motorsport.